Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about independent medical exams (I.M.E.’s).

How do I request an Independent Medical Examination?

There are a few ways to request an I.M.E. to be scheduled through Nationwide I.M.E. Online referrals can be electronically submitted to us instantly, or you can fax, call or mail in your request. At the time of scheduling please indicate if you would like Nationwide I.M.E. to notify the examinee of their appointment.

How do you screen your Independent Medical Evaluation physicians?

We check Board Certification with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), Licensure with the particular state’s Department of Health or Education, and standing with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. CV’s, copies of license registration certificates and proof of insurance are kept in our files for each of our experts. Nationwide I.M.E. annually checks licensure and Board Certifications.

How soon will you schedule the I.M.E. after I make the request?

We will begin scheduling the I.M.E. as soon as we receive your request. If you require special dates and times, we will accommodate each specific need. I.M.E.’s will be scheduled for 10-14 days, unless other standing instructions are provided.

What happens after the I.M.E. is scheduled?

After a client requests an I.M.E., a qualified Health Care Professional is selected to perform the requested service and to evaluate the examinee’s current medical status. The goals of this examination are to provide a comprehensive and objective report. Our Health Care Professionals can provide their expert opinion regarding work capacity and any ongoing residual limitations.

How soon will the Independent Medical Evaluation report be available?

Verbal notification of the results of the I.M.E. will be faxed or emailed the day of the evaluation. Reports will be available within 3 to 5 business days of the examination. File Reviews will be completed within a 2 week period of time. If a rush I.M.E. or File Review is requested please indicate this at the time of scheduling.

What Distinguishes Nationwide I.M.E.’s independent medical evaluations?

We provide a comprehensive, timely and objective report. Our total dedication is to provide and address the specific needs of each and every client. Upon completion of the review, the physician’s final report is submitted to Nationwide I.M.E.’s Quality Assurance Team before it is sent to the client. Each report is reviewed by the physician and then critiqued by medical personnel to ensure excellence.